I only have a few, can't find any good ones online. I'm searching for xmms plugins, in particular, xmms-oggre and xmms-modplug. I found audacious-plugins package, which had a few, but it didn't have modplug. What I'm really trying to do is play .umx files from the unreal soundtrack. I heard the modplug plugin for xmms enables this. So what is the difference between audacious and xmms? Also, when using gslapt, is upgrading a good idea, like I upgraded xmms. I think someone once told me that it's safer to uninstall and then install the newer version as opposed to upgrading. Also, again, I find that some of the packages I download ask for glibc-solibs, which is excluded by gslapt. I heard that this was just a bug and that it will be fixed with the next version of gslapt.

I'm trying out new stuff so I used slapt-get --install glibc-solibs and it's downloading. I'm gonna try and install to see if it fixes those other errors which calll for glibc-solibs. I don't know why gslapt has glibc-solibs as excluded while slapt-get allows me to download it. Anyhow, we'll see what happens, crossing my fingers hehe.