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Thread: Best netbook for BT3

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    Default Best netbook for BT3

    I heard the HP mini-note was a hardware model for remote exploit to design around for the netbooks. Basically I am looking for the most supported netbook (mini note, eee, MSI wind). Will be using for pen testing our wire, wireless and voip. I am most concerned about support for packet injection on the wifi card so I can audit the wifi. Thanks

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    Well i am using BT3 on Sony VGN-sz780 and every thing is working fine on it Just i was re-compile the kernel in order to support 4GB RAM.
    This laptop came with Vista Bussiness edition but since BT3 is working fine so i m not using VISTA any more


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    H.D. Moore (one of the main metasploit creators has just open a new line of mini noteooks he is building him self. If you are going to buy anything I would get one of these and support the project. You can read about it here. Hes calling it the ipwn and it looks pretty bad ass. Also you can say H.D. Moore designed it which is good for a shitload of l33t points at the local arcade.

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