I was wired into my router via ethernet to configure it and when i put the usual in, i was entering user name and password and it wouldn;t login even though it was correct, when i looked at the device name at the top it was a different model router so i googled it and found it to be a belkin.

I was baffled for a while till i discovered that my wireless card had connected to an open network automaticly and this gave me the option to log on to the router via remote managment using default login . I couldn't belive that it would be this wide open out of the box

I attempted to log on as i was just curious if it really was wide open. Using the info on the router config which showed connected devices/sites visited etc i was able to identify the user as the device name was set as "first name last name's PC"

I managed to track down who it was and have informed them how wide open it was and helped them set up basic security and certanly disable remote login as default. I also told them that there were several others looged onto to their network and they were quite suprised and mentioned how it did randomly go really slow.

This was a bit of a sensitive subject in terms of connecting to an unowned network etc and its not something i make a habbit of i literally stumbled across it by accident and used it for a good cause so i hope people won't jump on me for this. All the stuff i practice, i do on my own network controlled for learning purposes

i just wanted to share this experience and how open this kit was by default and see if anybody had heard of this with belkin kit.