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Thread: VirtualBox [Shared Folder]

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    Default VirtualBox [Shared Folder]

    Hi everyone!
    I was using openSUSE 11 for 1 month, and know I'm using bt3 in my virtualbox.
    Know the question is:
    How to make a shared folder Vista-backtrack3[virtualbox]?
    See u!

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    In WinXP you can go to the dir that you have your Virtual machines in and right click the disk file and map it with VMWare. Not sure if you use that or not. You could just run a filezilla FTP server on your windows machine and set up an account and permissions so you can access all files on your windows from a browser on linux. That is what i typically do.

    BTW, you could have easily googled for the answers. Took me 3 seconds to find these:

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