Hi guys,
is there a tool or script that checks if a determined server is vulnerable??

Vulnerability Description

i know that are some webpages that claims to do the check, like
xxx.dnsstuff.com/, xxx.doxpara.com/ and hxxp://entropy.dns-oarc.net/test/

But the servers that i need to check (and patch if necesary) have no access to internet (blocked by ACL) and only respond to ssh (for admin) and udp 53 (dns). So i cannot check on this servers using a web page.

So, am searching for a tool that i can execute in the same vlan where the servers are (lan acces to the servers) for have a trustworthie result.
the plataform could be linux or win, there is no problem with that.

Something like sh dnscheck -i eth1 -o Report.txt