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Thread: BT3 install probs; usb

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    Default BT3 install probs; usb

    Been playing and searching the forums for this problem for a number of days now. followed a guide found on

    I have been able to boot from CD in VESA mode only, and am trying in vain, to boot from usb - eventually with persistant changes

    I partitioned it
    1. 1.5Gb Fat32 (F (extracted bt3_usb here)
    2. 2.5 Gb ext3 (G for changes;tried this as both a primary and as a logical drive.

    I booted from cd, entered vesa kde, and in a shell chmod 777 lilo then syslinux

    then nano syslinu.cfg and edited the persistent changes line to point to dev/sda5/ and save it

    run the

    my computer boots the usb, loads the first options menu, but no matter which option i select it freezes on the immediate loading screen...

    loading /boot/vmlinux...........................................
    loading /boot/init.gz........... (it freezes here on all)

    can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Ok, first make sure you chmod the files in your usb stick don't try it on the cd which you booted from ^^.
    Then the changes partition must be a primary drive not logical and in your /sda5/ there must be a folder called "changes".
    Dont try to boot with both the CD and the USB stick inserted AFTER you booted from CD and made the changes necessary on the USb stick. Check your syslinux.cfg ammendmends were saved after you made the changes.
    There are just some thoughts/ideas which came to my mind when you described your problem.
    If it all doesnt work I would try to format the stick completely (you have to format sda5 anyway to make it primary) and copy a clean copy of BT3 and Boot folders in it and jut try again.
    I hope I could help a little.
    greez eXo

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