Hello. I'm experiencing a certain problem. I have my own network with WEP coding. On BackTrack2 system I wanted to connect using WirelessAssistant application. Unfortunately, an error pops up. I'm certain, that the key I typed in was correct, I have tried several times. I've even changed it to a simple 0000000000 key and I still could not connect. I have also tried using commands in text mode- ifconfig, iwconfig. Same error occurs: "Connection Failed".
When I turn the router's coding off, BackTrack connects without difficulties in 2 seconds. I would rather have a protected network, at least with WEP key. I am using Orinoco Gold card. I would also like to add, that on Windows and in Knoppix, Ubuntu connects without any problems using this program. I have also tested it in BackTrack3, but with this one the system cannot detect my card.