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    Default Custom wordlist

    I need to generate a wordlist to crack my sky router WPA key. It is 8 characters, all uppercase, no numbers or symbols. It does never form a "proper" word if you will. eg XYGHTURE

    is there anyway i can do this? As most wordlists are from dictionaries which arn't useful at all for my router :/ My brain can't fathom how many combinations that would make up, surely not as much if i can remove all "proper" words...?


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    Default Re: Custom wordlist

    There is a program in bt4 to generate custom charsets called crunch.

    crunch 8 8 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ -o output.txt

    Be warned this will make a very big list and take a very long time.

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    Oh great thanks! Yeah i realise it maybe up to 150GB in size? though how long do you think it would take to go through the entire wordlist, 5days??

    I mean how many words per second does aircrack-ng actually process? It tells me keys/sec but is that the same thing or not?? :/

    Also 1 last question, is there a command/program i can use to remove words from that generated list which are present in another.

    EG my dictionary wordlist, run program that compares the 2 wordlists and removes any words from wordlist number 2 found in wordlist number 1. thanks
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    Default Re: Custom wordlist

    Pureh@te is right. The output will be 26^8
    208,827,064,576 Bytes or 209 GB. You will have to use the -c parameter to break up the output into smaller sized files that programs like john the ripper can use.
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    Default Re: Custom wordlist

    Would someone mind re-visiting the maths in your previous post?

    Inspired by the reasonable amount of space required (209gb) I decided to create such a rainbow list and got from AAAAAAAA to DLWLEMTQ before being told I'm out of diskspace (I'd set aside about 240gb on a partition).

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    Default Re: Custom wordlist

    The fatal error seems to be not including the number of chars in each entry (plus a separator). 26^8 simply gets you the number of entries in the file not the number of bytes.


    26^8 = 208827064576
    208827064576 * 9 = 1879443581184 bytes
    1835394122.25 KB
    1792377.07 MB
    1750.37 GB
    1.71 TB

    The good news is that these files will compress well.

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