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    in general, im a big fan of keeping your personal stuff stored on your personal stuff whenever possible...convenient or not. i'm just not going to trust yahoo, gmail or my webhost to keep my best interests at heart.
    good wake-up call. it's a warzone out there, let's not forget.i do disagree with the comment at the end of the article;

    "I don't think these people are worthy of much attention, except that you should do what you normally do to lock down your infrastructure."

    i think the opposite is true. blackhat ops should be the first thing that you pay attention to in the morning and the last thing you check on at night. regardless of the esteem that you hold the perpetrators in, you have to be in the game to understand the game. if you don't pay attention, you've already lost.

    good article, pureh@te, thnx!
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