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As everyone told you, the awus036h is a well known card which is really nice:

-rp-sma antenna port
-chipset fully compatible with mode monitor & injection (realtek rtl8187)

And of course high power and high sensitivity that makes this card THE card for peole like us who want to have the best quality in their wifi signal while using airodump-ng and the aircrack-ng suite.

Do you know the alfa network awus036e? It's a usb card, with a rp-sma port, and the same rtl8187 chipset than the awus036h. The only difference in fact, is that the Tx power is more powerful:

Awus036h max Txpower: 27 dBm
Awus036e max Txpower: 17 dBm

I tested this card, and it's working well. It costs half the price of an awus036h, but less powerful...
If you're looking for the best material, there is only thing to know: AWUS036H

i second that! and data-alliance is good place to order it!