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Thread: Error: Host name lookup failure

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    Default Error: Host name lookup failure

    hello all,

    i just installed BT3 and the RT73 driver for my WireLess Lan USB Stick. The installation of the drivers was fine, no problems.

    But everytime when i connect to my W-Lan Router (i disabled any Keys (WEP etc..) in the Router, to make the test easier), i dont get any IP Adress. The device is set to DHCP. And i recognized too,that when i type ifconfig <device> mode managed or essid in the shell i get a error: Host name lookup failure...

    I hope you can help me .

    Sorry for my bad english... .

    Wish ya all a nice day !

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    Correct if you don't have an IP you won't be able to do DNS lookups.
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