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Thread: pxe + bt3final live?

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    Default pxe + bt3final live?

    hi, i was trying to set a server to act as a pxe server, so any host on the net could load bt3 live from ethernet.
    everything worked until i got to the part where i have to set up the bootloader
    (pxe uses syslinux bootloader (isolinux in my case))
    if i set the bootloader to load "vmlinuz" and "initrd.gz" from the boot dir on the BT cd, it works fine until it gets to the part when a host loads "initrd".
    then linuxrc tries to load the main files through local devices, thats when all gets screwed i want to load the files trough the tftp server (i have the BT3 folder from the backtrack iso, on tftp / ). But pxe has allready done its part. There's no way to go back to the tftp server from there...
    any suggestions?

    (if u dont know what im talkin about u probably arent familiar with pxe/syslinux, so u cant help me anyway)
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    Question Try BT2.....

    I seem to remember playing with a John the ripper cluster version included with BT2 that used PXE boot, and some remote exploit documentation was available in .pdf form, try google with filetypedf and until you see it pop up, think the name started jtr......

    I think it was only the usb version of BT2 that had PXE boot, but there will be a working file structure configured for BT2 with PXE that you can have a look at and maybe copy or modify.

    Good luck! i seem to remember it being a bit of a pest.....

    Talkie Toaster

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