hi, i was trying to set a server to act as a pxe server, so any host on the net could load bt3 live from ethernet.
everything worked until i got to the part where i have to set up the bootloader
(pxe uses syslinux bootloader (isolinux in my case))
if i set the bootloader to load "vmlinuz" and "initrd.gz" from the boot dir on the BT cd, it works fine until it gets to the part when a host loads "initrd".
then linuxrc tries to load the main files through local devices, thats when all gets screwed i want to load the files trough the tftp server (i have the BT3 folder from the backtrack iso, on tftp / ). But pxe has allready done its part. There's no way to go back to the tftp server from there...
any suggestions?

(if u dont know what im talkin about u probably arent familiar with pxe/syslinux, so u cant help me anyway)