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Thread: wmp300n pci card compatibility

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    Default wmp300n pci card compatibility

    ok. so i got the bt3 disc to load up great. i have a linksys usb wusb54g network adapter. for some reason i couldnt get it to work. so i bought a linksys wmp300n pci card. i still cant get anything to work. i played with the source= line in the config in kismet but still no luck. i dont know what im doin wrong. somebody please tell me what i need to do.
    and thanks in advance.

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    Please use a sensible, descriptive thread title, as per the forum rules..........

    When you say you "cannot get them to work" what do you actually mean, specifically?

    Do you mean they are physically working, but you cannot get Kismet to play nicely with them?
    What did you append to the "sources=" line?

    Or, perhaps Kismet won't play nicely because the card is not actually physically working/available at all?

    What does iwconfig show you? Can you see your card(s) there?

    Do you know what chipsets/drivers the cards use? (Perhaps check dmesg or lspci?)

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