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Thread: Can't inject with RT73 wifi-card under BT 3 final, with BT 2 final no problem

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    [quote=dgourd;119105]I read this somewhere else, but I fixed my injection problem by using this code:

    iwconfig rausb0 rate 1M
    It works everytime for me. I get about 300 #data per second from my neighbors router![/quote]
    You are f**king retard.when you signup here you are abide to follow rules which indicate no neighbor's router and free does not means exploited and first and last step to ban & to idiot corner move.

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    Default Sorry!

    I don't really use my neighbors router. I just wanted to test it since mine is WPA encrypted.

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    The point is to test on your own equipment. Don't be lasy to reconfigure your ap's encription. (I'll be naive and belive what you said :-))
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