Hello. First forgive me my stupidity and my english,
Second please give mea hint what i'm doing bad.

My system: NB MSI GX700X (wifi: Intel iwl4965)
using Opensuse 11.0 stable x86_64 GNOME
using aircrack 1.0 rc1 (compiled from nosrc package on Packman)
using iw (compiled myself)

I used standard way to sniff another w-site :
airmon-ng stop wmaster0
airmon-ng start wlan0 11
airodump-ng -w dmp --channel 11 --berlin 20 wlan0

and there the problem appeard: I wasn't able to get a list of stations. I runned airodump many times but nothing has happened. On screen I have extended to this, u can see progress of airodump.

Thanks for every response
Peter L.

Sorry. I forgot to give a link to image.

Here: hxxp://i38.tinypic.com/2zscmk8.png

What's the problem with some reply? Anybody really do'nt know whot should be wrong? Please giv me a help with this. Petr