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Thread: Adding patch for JtR in BT3

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    Default Adding patch for JtR in BT3

    Hi all, I am using BT3 for cracking SAM-passwords of Windows.
    It works well, but all passwords are UPPERcase, while this is not always the case. Say the password is 1234abcd, then JtR makes it 1234ABCD.

    Someone told me to add the Jumbo patch for 1.7 (john-1.7-all-4.diff.gz)
    this will correct this...?

    I only have problems in installing the patch:

    I unpacked it to /pentest/password/john-
    and then run it:
    It looks good but asks for "what file to patch ?"
    I am stuck at that point.

    Some help please would be appriciated

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    Read section 1 of the password cracking guide at then read 2.4
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