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While I agree, Vista is absolute crap, I do find on occasion(rare) it is more convenient to just use the OS since it is installed on a company laptop. There are situations where I don't always have the time or leeway to boot into BT3/4. But to answer the question, it works fine if you do a couple things first:

1.)You have to disable DEP(Data Execution Prevention) either for that program or globally.(it tends to get in the way if you ask me.)

2.)Whichever interface you choose to use ettercap-ng with, either wireless or your standard ethernet, you need to disable(uncheck the box) IPv6 TCP/IP for that adapter.

After you do that, and you might be able to get away with just #2 in the process. Ettercap will run w/o any complaints.

**** Vista and its TCP/IP stack.

Hope this is helpful.
Heh, we banned it.