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Thread: AR5700 monitor drivers

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    Red face AR5700 monitor drivers

    hello , i am a bt3 noob, and i was reading that i will need some monitor drivers in order to capture packets , do any of you guys know if the Atheros 5700 drivers come within bt3 or do i have to get them from somewhere else in order to put my card into monitor mode ?

    any links would be great preferably direct i hope i can get a link on here thanks guys

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    All PCI/miniPCI or Cardbus cards with an Atheros chipset should be supported by the madwifi drivers included in BT3F. If the card however is USB based you are out of luck.
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    If in-built madwifi drivers does not comes handy for you then you need to use windows driver through ndiswrapper but you can't perform monitoring and injection doing so.

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