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Thread: How to use internet with cable modem?

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    Default How to use internet with cable modem?

    I have a cable modem connection with internet (always connect, only way to disconnect is by modem shutdown) and when I boot from LiveCD, BT3 dont auto configure my eth0 network...
    When I use BT3 on a virtual machine, the internet works fine...I've tried everything..can anyone help me?

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    Network 101 questions:

    Is your Ethernet interface enabled?
    If using a static IP address:
    - Have you assigned an IP address?
    - Is the IP address in the proper range?
    - Is the sub-net mask correct?
    - Is the route set up?
    If using DHCP:
    - Have you been assigned an IP address?
    - Is the received DHCP information (IP address, subnet mask, route) correct?

    Once the above items are working correctly, then the next step is to verify that the DNS information is correct. At that point, you should be able to connect to the Internet.
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