Hey every1, it's my first post here. I would post it in the BT3 Final support area but it seems I can't post there for some reason. Anyways, when my laptop is connected to power (like the power cord hooked up to the wall) I can work it fine. I was able to crack my own WEP code 3 times. I even got it once in just 3 minutes. But then I tried to do it running off of battery. I start the airodump-ng command to start sniffing out packets and I get a black screen (i haven't done startx, i"m just using the prompt). It stays there until I do control-c. Then a little while after doing that it closes out. One time I hooked the power cable back up while it was showing nothing and it gave a message like "something with 16..... Please contact the author". I'm trying to get the message again without any luck. After or while it's glitching, I can go over to another console (alt+f2-6) and do other commands. If I hook up the power cable then it will work fine.

Also, the graphics aren't working right once I try to go into the graphical interface or do startx. It says to press Control-alt-num plus a few times, but my laptop has no num plus button. I would have hold down the function button, but of course there isn't support for that.

I can deal with using just the prompt, but I don't feel like carrying around my uninterruptable power supple in a backpack just to use airodump. Any advice?

My laptop is an Averatec 3260 running an XP/Slackware 11.0 dual boot.

Alright, I got the error message again when trying to close it out. It says "Caught signal 14 (SIGARLM). Please contact the author!"