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    Default windows password

    so i need to remove a windows password on my labtop with no cd-rom drive i cant rember the pass its from 5 years ago and its mine and i dont want to send it to shop as last resort only any way i can usb to it like software or somin or do i need to go get a usb cd rom drive and load up a live linix cd

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    in order of simple ...
    * got buy a cdrom from a mom and pop store for 5$
    * copy ntpassword recover onto a USB stick and boot from that.
    * rcrack or cain crack the hash

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    Although ive never done it myself, im pretty sure you can just do it from your usb stick, just need to put a bootable image on it and change your bios settings to start from usb drive.

    I remember googling for it a while ago there loads of tutorials on google

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