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Thread: About madwifi driver (again)

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    Angry About madwifi driver (again)

    I usually don't like to double post topics, but I'ts incredible that after one week of published I get no answers and stupid topics get hundreds.

    This is the topic!

    I have to get my Atheros AR5006 from eeepc working again and I need the snapshot driver from madwifi snapshots.

    But what happens?

    Madwifi guys removed madwifi snapshot from their web explainig their reasons in hxxp:// Do you have it in another mirror for download?

    There are problems with eeepc bought in Spain with the regdomain of atheros module that doesnt let to use ETSI Channels 12 and 13 from these atheros cards because of false regdomain. They are very legal now with regdomain and countrycode but cards are bought all over the world, like my case.

    I have to try to patch driver or to change card firmware regdomain, but with the actual utililities I cannot change firmware, so I have to try to patch and recompile from source.

    Can somebody get this snapshot for me? Can somebody help with regdomain problem?

    Thank you.

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    Thank you seure it, I'll try it. I've also found an application for Windows to change firmware country of the Atheros new cards. I have an asus eeepc with backtrack live on the sshd, but as is only 4 Gb I cannot install it because I get no enough space. I love backtrack, I have about 4 computers with it. Nice work everyone.

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