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Thread: Sky router WPA algorithm available

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    again resurrecting the post

    Jus thought id post to help the link

    ESSID BTHomeHub2-M76Z

    Mac 00:1F:E1:CA:4B:0F

    WPA passkey 2ad7e7aa8b

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    Quote Originally Posted by letmein View Post
    Mapping the WPa to the MAC address shows that the WPA key is made up as follows?

    MACS code digit
    1 - 12th digit of MAC
    2 - can't figure out - possibly connected to serial number?
    3 - 6th digit of MAC
    4 - 10th digit of MAC
    5 - 5th digit of MAC
    6 - 9th digit of MAC
    7 - 12th digit of MAC
    8 - 8th digit of MAC
    9 - 10th digit of MAC
    10 - can't figure out - possibly connected to serial number?
    11 - 11th digit of MAC
    12 - can't figure out - possibly connected to serial number?

    This works for the 2 combinations given, could be coincidence but unlikley... do you have any more we can check against (this is a call to all Tiscali BB users)? Have alook at the Serial numbers (or any other numbers on the router) the 3 missing may be on their. Either way of this works it would be pretty easy to work out the missing key digits through bruteforce once the handshake is a captured!!

    Let me know if this helps....
    sorry to bring back this thread, but we must correcte things when they are wrong,, well it stated that the missing code when mapping wpa to mac adress starting by 00:21:04 are digits...well they are not always digits but also letters,,well i would love to double chk this and calling all owners of tiscali router starting wit the following mac 00:21:04 adress post their mac and wpa

    also i made bash script about this subject you can find it in wireless section of the forum

    also i dont support piracy it's for learning purpose

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