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Thread: TCP Flags that can be used with Nmap --scanflags short Tutorial

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    Thumbs up TCP Flags that can be used with Nmap --scanflags short Tutorial

    Below is list of tcp flags that can be used with nmap:

    1 . CWR: Congestion Window Reduced
    2 . ECN: Echo
    3 . URG: Urgent
    4 . ACK: Acknowledge
    5 . PSH: Push
    6 . RST: Reset
    7 . SYN: Synchronize
    8 . FIN: Finish/End
    9 . ECE (ECN-Echo)
    10 . NS: (Nonce Sum)
    11 . ECT: ECN-Capable Transport
    12 . CE: Congestion Experienced

    you use them in any which you like for example:

    nmap -vv -sF --scanflags CWRURGRST
    nmap --vv -sN --scanflags ECTCEFINACK
    While running nmap with the --scanflags run wireshark to see how the packets are sent with any of those flags it's kinda cool.

    Those are just 2 examples

    While using the -D(decoy) option to test your firewall there is no limits on how much decoys you can put that might test the straight of the firewall.
    Be care full it might crash it.

    nmap -vv,,,x,

    I hope this will help some of you.
    My first short tutorial so if i made any mistakes let me know

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    Nice tutorial.

    Here are some more flag combinations:

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