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Thread: BT3 usb Boot menu problem

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    Question BT3 usb Boot menu problem

    I downloaded the bt3final usb, extracted it to my fat32 partitioned usb drive, and ran bootinst.bat

    I'm able to boot from the drive but when I get to the first boot menu, where it allows you to select whether to start in persistent changes mode or others, the screen is all messed up. It's hard to describe but it's impossible to read anything on it.

    Can I edit a file so that it will automatically boot into persistent change mode?

    Is that all I need to do so that it keeps my changes, or do I have to follow one of the longer tuts such as balding_parrots?

    If I let it auto start the rest of BT3 works fine, but only if I run xconf. If I don't all my menus don't have the top bars(esc and minimize) and most things freeze.

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    I have no idea about the pros and cons of using persistent changes vs. using a seperate partition to save changes. However to make bt boot into a desired method, edit your /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg file on your fat32 partition. Move the section of the LABEL that you want to boot to the top. This section usually includes a LABEL, MENU, KERNEL, and APPEND line. Then set TIMEOUT to 1, and restart.
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