Hi all. I`m very new to BT3 and linux and i have some questions for the gurus here. First of all i`m using a desktop pc to run with USB Boot BT3 with Wi-Fire 500mv wireless card. The driver is the one that comes with bt3. zd1211rw (not sure about the version coz don't know how to check). I've managed to crack some WEP and successfully do packet injection with it. But there's some AP that i can't manage to crack as well

Question 1:

I manage to launch airodump on the ap and i can see the Data is more than 10. And authentication successful and association successful. But when i try to do packet injection the data did not shoot up. May i know what is the problem? (Power is about 20)

Question2: Managed to launch airodump can get authentication successful but association unsuccessful. Does it mean that i can't do packet injection? Is there any other way to fix this? (Power is about 20)

Question 3: I tried to run bt3 on a vmware workstation on a macbook air with the same network card and bt3 couldn't detect the network card, i haven't try with booting on cd-rom. Is there anyway way that i can update the driver to make it work? Or if i change another wi-fi card will i beable to make bt3 detect the card on vmware workstation?

Question 4: Sometimes when i launch aireplay-ng -3 -b bssid -h fakemac eth1, it just keep reading data and doesn't sent any data. Is it because the data on the airodump is 0 (Zero) when i launch aireplay? and how much packets it actually need before it can start sending packet?

Hope all the gurus here will help me with my problem. Whatever i've learn today i`ll definately share with other newbies in the future. Thank you