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Thread: Restoring an Old Laptop.

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    Default Restoring an Old Laptop.

    Im restoring a Sony Vaio PCG-FXA7
    I was considering refurbishing and doing a custom skin mod dedicated to BackTrack.
    Before I get into it, can anyone tell me if the specs on this computer will support BackTrack 3. I already tried booting off of USB on this computer and it doesn't work, same for the BackTrack 2 final distribution on CDR but I haven't tried the DVD-R yet nor BackTrack 3 at all, The computer needs a new AC Adapter, A replacement battery, A PC card b/g 802.11 networking (Atheros obviously) With Ebay and newegg, this shouldn't run me over 130 dollars, which is good for restoring a machine like this and turning it into a good Inexpensive Pen testing tool.

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    It probably will support both backtrack 2 and backtrack 3 with the obvious exception to running compiz with it (maybe it might work, maybe it won't).

    The best thing is for you to try it out yourself if the wiki does not have an entry on it.

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