I simply cannot freaking decide which USB "dongle" to buy. I have searched and searched and read reviews.. Everyone's opinion is completely different, everywhere!

My first consideration was the D-Link WUA-1340. The BT3 wiki says it works fine. Then I go look for it online, read some customer reviews, and it gets like, a 2/5? What the hell? Then I look at the NetGear WG111v2 which was suggested by some guy who made a video on youtube about aircrack+backtrack. Then I go check the NetGear WG111v2 on the wiki, and google.. And apparently it's no good either.

All I want is a USB dongle around $20. I would like for it to be able to inject, as my current built in wireless network card (a broadcom in my Acer Aspire 7520) does not support injection.

Note: I can only get Backtrack 2 to boot and work correctly.(on my laptop, on my PC it boots fine.) I can get BT3 to boot, but it seems when it boots up I get no wireless. I have another thread on the newbie forum about it, lol. So yeah, hopefully the USB dongle will be compatable with both 2 and 3. I suspect that in BT3, when it boots, if I had another wireless network card, perhaps I could connect. I'm thinking, maybe it's my network card that's not working. idk.