this card works, on bt3 beta, it didnt work on bt2 ., so far injection seem to work, kismet , airodump, aireplay all work

Belkin PCI card F5D7001

, hey, after testing further , i get problems with aireplay -b mac -h my mac -3 eth1 and with aireplay -a injection , errors like illegal seek and memory problems,

tho it works for a minute to inject then it stops, this still works but it crashes after a while, but am still able tp crack my wifi net wep encryption with it , any idea to what the problem could be please let me know, its recognoized in bt3 as broadcom 802.11b/g

ther errors i get from aireplay after 1 minut is :

write failed: Cannot allocate memory
wi_write(): Illegal seek

any help on this matter will be helpful thanx in advance

It seemed i needed to patch it, but i wont, in backtrack 3 final, it works like a charm, smooth like never before, awsome, in the final release the card works great , injection, internet scanning all that )))