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Thread: Persistent changes via symbolic link?

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    Default Persistent changes via symbolic link?

    Hi, I am trying to have persistent changes but, my laptop cannot boot from a flash drive, I tried. It only has a 30gb hard drive, so I really don't want to partition it, the Live CD works fine. So I had an idea. I could follow the wiki article on making an LZO out of a dir, but saving the new module to my flash drive. Then edit the .iso of the CD, and in the modules directory place a Symbolic Link pointing to the file on my flash drive (Hard Link wont work, different file systems), and it should on boot up follow the link to my flash drive and load in the .lso. Not putting it on the CD is so I don't need to make a new CD every time I change things. Has anyone ever done this? Would it work?

    (I know this may not fit in Newbie Area, but I can only post here)

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    I've noticed in some bios that to boot from usb you have to select hard drive as your first boot device and there is a seperate option to choose what hard drive that is. Also some times you can hit another key at startup and it gives you a list of boot options without entering the bios menu
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