I'm tring to run the live CD on my brother's Acer Veriton. It loads up to the point were its looking for data directories. then it tells me

Fatal Error Occured- BT3 data not found
You are maybe using a unsupported Boot Device ( eg scsi or old PCMCIA).
WOrkaround Copu the directory BT3 from your boot device to an IDE/SATA disk, eg. to /mnt/hda1/BT3 or C:\BT3. Then Try to Boot again.
* Something went wrong and we can't continue. This should never happen.
Its a relitivly new computer, got it in the past few months. Is the DVD/CD drive just unsupported and not usable with BT3? I've checked the MD5 and its fine, I've run it on my mom's laptop and my sisters box just fine. It just seems that this one is giving me trouble. I can see the data on the disk on other computers ( even this one when in windows).