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Thread: noob looking for a cheap usb adaptor

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    Default noob looking for a cheap usb adaptor

    I'm a noob so i'd prefer an adaptor which supports packet injection.
    my laptop has a mini PCIe adaptor which has the BCM4311KFBG chipset (read it on the chip)
    I'll give it a try booting off the live CD, but i'd like a USB adaptor to run BT in VMWare.

    i tried to find the airlink adaptor, but it seems to be out of production.

    I checked out many local suppliers, but none had the models listed in the wiki. and unfortunately, a lot of models listed in the wiki have issues :/

    so i'm hoping for a recommendation for a card which is reasonably priced and available. thanks

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    Default I found a tested usb card: Hawking HWUG1

    Should I buy it? its got a removable antenna... pretty darn sweet I'd say?
    Does BT3 have drivers built in?

    they have them for 20 quid on amazon uk.

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    it works fine and its based on rt73 chipset so BT3 already have patched driver for supporting the discovery/ more cheaper model you can get is linksys wusb54GC with rt73 chipset and extens. USB cable and if want to put external antenna RP-SMA then go for linksys WUSB54G V 4 rt2570 based.

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