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Thread: Can't find the %$@ driver

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    Default Can't find the %$@ driver

    I ve got bt3 and i want to use it with the intel 3945 .I ve searched the forum
    and i am said to load the /usr/src/drivers/ipwraw-ng driver.Ok but there is no such file in the bt3 folders!!??!!I ve spend much time tring to figure out searchinh the forum but i havent any results yet dispite my tries to start something(noob here)Can anyone give an advise somethink???Even use msn for help

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    use this command
    modprobe -r iwl3945(managed)
    modprobe ipwraw(discovery/injection)
    if want to switch to again
    modprobe -r ipwraw
    modprobe iwl3945

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