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Thread: How can hack this !!

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    Default How can hack this !!

    hello there ! I scaned a few website , with nmap and i`v got that from one website Accesorii telefoane, componente telefoane si piese telefoane..

    Nmap scan report for (89.xx.xx.xx)
    Host is up (0.014s latency).
    Not shown: 955 filtered ports, 32 closed ports
    21/tcp open ftp
    22/tcp open ssh
    25/tcp open smtp
    53/tcp open domain
    80/tcp open http
    110/tcp open pop3
    143/tcp open imap
    443/tcp open https
    465/tcp open smtps
    587/tcp open submission
    993/tcp open imaps
    995/tcp open pop3s
    3306/tcp open mysql
    Device type: general purpose
    Running: Linux 2.6.X
    OS details: Linux 2.6.9 - 2.6.27


    How can i hack ftp, or mysql, or domain or anythink, becoz that port is open for all...i use backtrack 4 on my pc ... but what program or exploit i need to use to hack that...any answer , any help is good..or a link to another website is grate!

    the username is root for ssh, i tried, but i dont know the password

    10x a lot

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    Default Re: How can hack this !!

    We do not condone hacking sites which you are not contracted to do so. This is commonly referred to as cyberdouchery.

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