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Thread: Monitor Mode Enabled....Now what?

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    Default Monitor Mode Enabled....Now what?

    I finally got monitor mode enabled using the driver from:

    and now after i do :

    airmon-ng start eth0

    it gives me:

    eth0 unknown driver wl(monitor mode enabled)

    but if i try to set it to monitor on channel 11 by doing:
    iwconfig eth1 mode monitor channel 11

    it says that it cannot be done
    any help guys? i have this monitor mode enabled so know this has to work

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    You can use airodump-ng to easily check whether your card is properly in monitor mode or not, use the command airodump-ng eth0 and check if you are able to locate any APs. You can also lock on to a single channel using airodump-ng, the command would in that case be airodump-ng -c 11 eth0.

    I would however not feel too optimistic about getting your card into monitor mode using the drivers you mention, and the line "eth0 unknown driver wl(monitor mode enabled)" does not sound too promising.
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