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Thanks for the link to that card. I ordered one to add to the second miniPCI slot in my XPS M1330. There are extra antenna cables in the chasis, but I'll have to see if they work. Thanks again.
Yeah, that's a no/go with this card and my notebook. BT3f sees the 4965 in the WLAN slot. BT3f sees the Gigabyte card in the WWAN slot as well, but when I try to scan for my AP with the Wireless Assistant, ath0 (the Gigabyte card) sees nothing. I believe it's the antennas. There are 5 inside the housing for the two miniPCIe slots:

> These two are for the Intel 4965 card. I leave these alone.
- Solid Black
- Solid White

>These are the three extra antenna cables.
- Blue
- Black-Gray
- White-Gray

I've tried every antenna combination, using the three extra antenna cables with the Gigabyte card and nothing works. I'll stick to running BackTrack on the Eee PC.

Upon further reading, and testing I'm more inclined to think that the Gigabyte GN-WI01GT is compatible with madwifi-ng. The card can be found for purchase here.

Furthermore, I do not believe that the extra antennas, built into the XPS M1330 are compatible with a WLAN card, and were expressly meant for a WWAN card. In each of my tests, regardless of what operating system I've tested (BackTrack 3 Final, Ubuntu 8.04.1, XP Pro SP3) the card is recognized, but cannot establish a connection to an access point.

I will post more when I've obtained a WI01GT, and proper replacement antennas.

Gave up on the idea of using two MiniPCIe NICs. Installed the GIGABYTE GN-WS50G into the WLAN slot in the XPS M1330. BackTrack 3 Final has no problems with it at all. I'm connected to the Internet and I will test mode monitor and injection later. Once I finish testing, I'll add this card the the HCL on the wiki.

--Last EDIT--
Just finished testing modes with the GIGABYTE GN-WS50G.

- Monitor = Yes
airmon-ng stop ath0
airmon-ng start wifi0
Fired up kismet with
kismet -c madwifi_g,wifi0,madwifi
All good.

- Injection
Followed -=Xploitz=- E-Z Tutorial for Cracking WEP With no Clients. I'm at 20 minutes and I've gathered 632 weak IV's. I'm going to let it run its course and see how far I get. The point being that injection does work.