Ok so im real new at this so please be patient with me...

I have Bt3beta on a usb stick, downloading the final now and going to put that on the usb stick instead. Allready cracked my wep network using a client and the intel3945 wireless card installed in my laptop had to load the ipwraw drivers and it worked like a charm.

I read atheros cards are much better, I was fishing through my box of electronic junk and found an old usb wireless dongle from a few years ago, lo and behold its an atheros one, Atheros 5007UG.

I want to use this card as it would make learning and following a lot of the tuts much easier here. So when I load BT3 up and type airmon-ng it finds wlan0 which is the internal intel card, but never the usb one.

This is prob more a linux than bt3 question and I apologize but how do I get Bt3 to recognize this card? Is there a way of modifying the usb installation to have the drivers on it, or is there some other way?