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Thread: WIFI Scanning issues in BT3

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    Default WIFI Scanning issues in BT3

    Hi all !

    I'm a total n00b so please bear with me.

    I downloaded BT3 liveCD yesterday, and had a test run last nite.

    First of all, I want to report that the BT3 liveCD does recognize my Tendra USB Wifi dongle and identifies it as a 54MB wireless NIC

    Second of all, I only tested the GUI, haven't yet dwell into the shell thing yet.

    However, when it comes to wifi scanning, I just can't get anything done.

    1. Although Kismet is listed in the file list, it is not functioning. When I clicked on the kismet thingy, nothing happened. I tried clicking on it several time, nothing happened.

    2. Although BT3 LiveCD does recognize the existence of my Tendra USB wifi dongle, and identify it as "54MB wireless NIC", wicrawl doesn't seem to know that.

    When I launched wicrawl, it kept telling me that there's no "interface" or whatever like that.

    This is kinda strange in a way. If Linux that runs the BT3 liveCD can detect my Tendra USB wifi dongle, how come wicrawl doesn't know anything about it??

    My questions hence ---

    A. How to enable kismet? No matter how many times I click on the kismet thing, nothing happened.

    B. How to make wicrawl recognize the Tendra USB wifi dongle?

    Please help.

    Thank you !!

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    Quite often BT will show your wifi card but does not always mean you can use it. Not all cards will work with packet injection for example.

    It might be better if you got a card with an artheros chipset or rtl8187 or something. There lots of info on the wiki about what cards will work.

    Then check out the tutorials, you dont really need kismet to see whats about. I always use airodump
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