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Thread: Can Someone teach to "crack" wep/wpa/wpa or whatever?

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    Unhappy Can Someone teach to "crack" wep/wpa/wpa or whatever?

    ok here goes i am new to this but i am havin trouble recieving data i have 6 ac points and one witch is mine and cant get them to show data
    i am typin airmon-ng
    then:airmon-ng start wlan0
    then:airodump-ng mon0
    and then every thing looks good but the data
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    Default Re: Can Someone teach to "crack" wep/wpa/wpa or whatever?


    I have no idea what you're trying to ask. What "data" are you referring to? And fyi, there are over 9000 tutorials and video walkthroughs for cracking wep/wpa/wpa or whatever (?). The solutions to all of your problems can be found here.

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    Default Re: Can Someone teach to "crack" wep/wpa/wpa or whatever?

    Software issues:
    Your first problem is that you're starting airmon-ng without any parameters, THEN starting monitor mode on your Wireless device.
    Your second problem is that you're not writing any data to a file. try using the -w <filename> option in conjunction with other options to narrow down the data you capture.

    Personal issue:
    You're posting on our forums before having done a search for tutorials. Here on these forums, we much prefer serving assistance to those who have attempted to help themselves first.

    Read what clutch has linked, and when you're done reading all of those pages, boot up BT, and type: man airodump-ng
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