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Thread: Install Steps 5 and 6 missing

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    Default Install Steps 5 and 6 missing

    During the install of backtrack 4 final it skips steps 5 and 6. Installs fine except I can't make an login. Installing on an Macbook Pro using VMware 3. Wondering why it would skip 5 and 6. In step 4 I have it set to partition the disk " guided - use entire disk", not sure if this would have to do with why the install skips steps 5 and 6 but thinking it might. Anyone have this problem or an idea on the problem? Thanks

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    Those are the steps to create a user. We took those out because backtrack is meant to be run as root and thats how we wanted it to install. If you feel the need to create a user you still can once backtrack is installed with adduser or useradd just like any other linux distro.

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    Default Re: Install Steps 5 and 6 missing

    Follow my tutorial at xX_Spiidey_Xx's BT4 Tut Site: Creating a privileged user in BackTrack 4 to add a new privileged user.
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