Hi all i am a noob on this site but from what i can see it is a great community.
ok i have tried google,ive searched this site. but i cannot find the answer to my question.

ok here goes. . . i have bt2 on usb 4 gig stick and it boots fine and i can crack wep keys with it ( although sometimes it takes ages to get the arps to speed up lol).
i have backtrack 3 on a 4 gig stick too but i cannot get it to find any routers in airodump-ng.

i have noticed that in bt2 it finds my wireless card as an rt73 and it uses driver rt2500

in bt3 it also finds the crd as rt73 but uses rt73 driver???

can anyone shed any light on this?

i do not know the name of the card as its an oem card from ebay with external input for arial.

also if there is a cure for this is how do i go about saving it so i dont have to alter the drivers each time?

i know this is a lot to ask but thanks in advance guys