alright, so downloaded the USB .iso of BT3 and i installed it to my Sandisk u3 cruzer 1gb and im having a couple of problems. ive set it up so that it boots. which is good but my built in bluetooth wont work anymore. also when i first got BT3 i cracked my WEP on my router. but i cant get the darn thing to work again. so i reinstalled backtrack on the USB and I still get the same issues.
I also put the module i found at htt p://inf inityexist /videos/i pw3945abg/

also when i start my usb, and i run backtrack in KDE mode, when i try to logout it just logs back in. whats the dealio there?

Asus F3E
My BlueTooth is a Toshiba 4.0.2924.0
My Wireless is intel 3465AGB