Hi all,

I have a problem with aircrack.

I am using Backtrack 3, to which I am booting and running off a cd.

I can go through the wwhole process of faking a mac address etc and sending packets etc and capturing to a file.

The problem I have is when I run aircrack-ng I get a "Segmentation Fault".

I am new to using aircrack so I dont know what this means.

How do I cure this???

Also what is the command I shoudl use for cracking the wep. I have seen many on the web using different commands.
ie aircrack-ng -b (mac address) file.cap

I have a dictionary file located on my hard drive called 1.lst

How would I point to the dictionary file as it is in system/hdd1 etc. For helping to crack.

Any help would be much appreciated.