Hello, I'lll be brief.. I've tryed several times in diferent networks and different computers tu do a DNS spoofing test, redirecting microsoft.com to my local Apache server.

so I go to /usr/local/share/ettercap

nano etter.dns

and i set the correct ip adress, after that i run ettercap

ettercao -T -q -i rausb0 -P dns_spoof -M arp // //

and enter!

finaly i test it on other PC's on the local network, and here comes the very interesting thing!

IT ONLY WORKS ON PC's running Windows Vista! ...

I've tried it with a lot of pc's using Windows XP and they WONT get redirected, but amaizingy the Vista ones do!!

ANY ONE KNOWS WHY IS THIS!, can something be done!

I just want to know why!, i'm very curious... does windows xp does the DNS request diferent from Vista, or WTF!!???