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I just bought the Linksys WUSB54GC after seeing on the BT3 HCL:wireless wiki that it works...

So I tried it and still had the same problem as I did with the D-Link WUA-1340, when I go to wireless assistant or use airodump-ng it doesn't find any wireless networks when I know for a fact that my own network is up and running..
I bought it and I've returned it next day, 'cause it even sucks so much more than my integrated ipw2200. Maybe you can see your AP if it's in visible range, but if you're living in a brick house and between you and AP there's a wall, god forbid - two walls... then you're doomed. I was always thinking realistic - if you want to do real pentesting you have to put yourself in hackers place. And for hacker nobody's giving an AP on the plate, usually it's in considerable distance. And if I understand correctly the base of pentesting: the better connection/range/coverage the better chance of success. Over and out.