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    1-why was the HD installer removed, i dont get it, it was so smooth and easy to install and such. And after rhe install where will the lilo file be located , because i usually put mine in the C:\ since i have it as dualboot Vista/backtrack, and after i have edited the bsedit in vista .

    2- after i burned Bt3 on cd, it worked well when booting the first 4 times from live cd, then i got error messages saying corrupt data and it couldnt read the modules for no reason at all, the cd isnt scratched a bit, totally new. so that one was wierd.

    3- just wanna thank you guys on the awsome work all of you have done, even tho the final Bt3 isnt prefect i still saw some of it and the added tools in it looked great good job peeps,

    Anyone knows how to install atmel drivers on Backtrack 3, like 1,2 ,3 step by step thing, am trying to make compex wlu11a work, and it supports injection, atleast it worked in ubuntu,

    Thanx in Advance

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    1) I'm no developer but I presume its to prevent idiots thinking they are cool running bt on hd but then faces other issues that others don't expect to answer.. I saw on irc not long ago and it was backtrack's support channel. Some person was asking for web cam support on backtrack. Tell me if it was un-necessary and most likely the person have installed backtrack on his or her computer.

    2) Check with md5sum, its probably failing at that..

    3) Built for human by humans.

    4) Have you tried googling properly?

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