Initially I was only going to start a thread to notify people of this handy script that will automate the whole installation process of ndiswrapper for several wireless cards. The script is intended to make the procedure easier by automatically downloading the appropriate drivers for your card and installing them.

Lately there have however been quite a few posts asking for specific directions on how to use ndiswrapper along with the popular AWUS036H wireless card (Alfa 500mw). As many of you without doubt already are aware of the default drivers included for this card does not support connecting to WPA/WPA2 encrypted APs and the only possible way to do this at the moment is by using ndiswrapper. For most wireless cards auto-NDISwrapper will make any tutorials obsolete due to the simplicity of the process, but there is still a bug in the current version of the script preventing it to fully work with the Alfa card. Because of this I changed my mind and chose to convert the announcement into a brief step-by-step guide on how to use the script using the Alfa card as an example.

First of all we will need to download the actual auto-NDISwrapper script, as it was released merely a few days ago and therefore naturally is not included in BT3F. The script can be downloaded at the following location:

Once downloaded to a location of your choice unpack the file using the following command:
tar xvzf Auto-NDIS-0.1.tar.gz
Next make sure that your Alfa card is properly connected to your computer and then cd into the newly created directory and start the script using:
This will start the installation process and you will want to follow the given instructions from this point onward. If you have an internal wireless card beside the Alfa card you need to make sure to choose u at the first prompt asking:
Setup (w)ificard or setup your (u)sbcard?:
Next you will notice that the script tells you to manually download the driver from a location which does not exist. Open a second terminal window and use the following command to download the correct windows driver:
After downloading the file unzip it using:
Since auto-NDISwrapper wants us to manually place the .inf along with the .sys file into a specific location we copy the appropriate files from our recently created directory. The following commands will take care of that:
cd Driver_1313_98ME_0613/Win98/
cp rtl8187.sys /tmp/auto-ndis/0bda\:8187/
cp Netrtuw.inf /tmp/auto-ndis/0bda\:8187/
Now that we have the driver in place lets go back to the terminal running Auto-NDISwrapper and hit [ENTER] to complete the installation.
To actually use the ndiswrapper driver along with our Alfa card we will only have to unload the r8187 driver and load the ndiswrapper driver instead.
rmmod r8187
modprobe ndiswrapper
You will now be able to connect to your WPA/WPA2 encrypted AP using the method of your choice, I personally tested both Wireless Assistant and wpa_supplicant. If the interface does not show up at once try unloading and reloading the ndiswrapper driver.
To get back into monitor mode and to be able to inject you will naturally have to revert back to the default driver.
rmmod ndiswrapper
modprobe r8187
Naturally the same result could have been achieved simply by using the already included ndiswrapper in BT3F, but as the script will make the process much simpler for a growing number of cards I chose this approach to make potential users aware of its existence.