Hi all,

First off, great forum! I've been lurking for a while and have played with BT2/3 so firstly thanks to everyone who have already answered my wireless and BackTrack installation questions via the search! :-D Also thanks to all the people who make BackTrack possible - it's an awesome distro although I have reverted to Slack for now to learn the fundamentals.

Anyway, I am a security engineer (mainly Cisco and Checkpoint) who has plenty of experience working with security hardware. I have designed, installed, broken and fixed a whole range of equipment in my 10 years in networking.

However, I've always managed to avoid learning how to program! It's got to the stage however that I really should pull my finger out and learn some.

My questions are:

Which language is good for a beginner who already works in the security field?

What kinds of things will programming allow me to do that I can't do already?

I'm willing to put the hard work in if it will allow me to become better at my job but I'm asking you guys so I can direct my efforts accordingly.

I feel like a bit of an idiot saying I'm a security guy who can't program and is relatively new to Linux!! lol Most of my work involves the configuration and building of firewall and IPS's and I've never really HAD to learn programming - but I want to. :-)

Thanks in advance!