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Thread: Ettercap order of Targets

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    Default Ettercap order of Targets

    I just converted my home network (if you could call 2 PCs that) from a wired one to wifi (woohoo!). I have 2 questions I hope you guys could answer for me:

    1. When running "ettercap -G", once I'm typing in the Targets, is there an order which is important? Like should Target 1 be the router then Target 2 the target pc? Or is the order really insignificant?

    2. Since you can add more than one IP to Target 1 and Target 2, where do I add the additional IPs to be sniffed? If the router is in Target 1 do I add the other IPs to Target 2 then? I have no idea.

    3. Also I'd much prefer to do this using "ettercap -T" for text mode if any of you know how...

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    Try using the following command:
    ettercap -Tq -M ARP /target PC ip/ /target gateway ip/ -i interface
    -Tq: quiet text mode (will not print the actual packet content only username and password info)
    -M ARP: MITM attack
    -i: the wired/wireless interface you wish to use, for example eth1 or ath0

    So in an example scenario where you use the wireless interface eth1 and the IP of your target PC is and the router IP is your command would look as follows:
    ettercap -Tq -M ARP / / -i eth1
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